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A Light Amongst the Stars The Journey of a Psychic Medium - A Message of Hope by DR MARK W BURNS



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I started writing this book after I received numerous prompts from a series of psychic readers over an eight-year period.

Initially, I had no interest in doing so and strongly believed there would be few, if any people, interested in hearing what I had to say.

However, the gentle prompts from Spirit kept coming and a process started to unfold in my mind where it became obvious to me that the world of psychics and mediums, which I was very familiar with, may just be of interest to others. My feeling was that if I could pass on some of the excitement I felt when I received a reading from a good psychic medium this may engage the interest of likeminded people.

Then I met Amelia. Amelia is a kind and compassionate lady who deeply cares for people. She is also one of the most accurate and powerful psychic/medium/healers I have ever met and receives strong and genuine messages from ‘across the veil’. It became quickly apparent to me that the profound and life changing wisdom she, and others like her, impart to her clients needed to be heard, particularly the message of hope for the planet and the divine power each of us possesses. At a time of great change and with the shift to a higher consciousness that the planet is experiencing many people are afraid and confused about the future. Spirit’s message to these fears is don’t fear the future – the light will win over the darkness. It’s started and will just take time.

Another motivating factor for me to write the book was my health. The entire book was written after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and after two related brain operations. Outside of my manual dexterity skills such as typing declining (I get severe tremors) it became important for me to write my truth down before I lost the ability to do so. I also wanted to leave a record for my beautiful daughter and grandchildren of what I have found to be true over a very interesting and action-packed life. So, I started pecking away at the keyboard and here I am at the beginning of a new and exciting journey. It has started.

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